Closing/Title Companies: We will gladly furnish a letter advising you of the payment status of dues on any lot within The Crescent. Please email our Treasurer and advise either the street address or the legal description of the subject property; if the property is being sold or refinanced; your name; the name of the company you represent; and your phone and fax numbers. If the transaction involves a sale, please also furnish the full name(s) of the purchaser(s). In most cases a dues letter can be faxed to you within a couple of business days.

Property Owners: Dues in The Crescent are assessed annually on a calendar year basis and are due each January 1st. Because dues for each lot in The Crescent are mandatory per the covenants they must be current in order to close on your property. Outstanding dues will be collected in full at closing (including any applicable fines and costs of collection attempts incurred to date.) Dues will be prorated by your closing company between buyer and seller. (If selling your property, you will be credited at closing with a prorated amount of dues based on the remaining number of months in the calendar year.) Your closing company is responsible for obtaining a letter stating the payment status of dues on your property - please have their representative contact our Treasurer per the above instructions.