Crime Watch
Please be aware in our neighborhood of any suspicious activities and report them to the proper authorities with either 911 (emergencies only) or the police non-emergency number of 918-596-9222. Some preventative measures to always take:

  • The garage door opener can be stolen out of a homeowner's car parked in the driveway. We recommend that homeowner's NOT leave their garage door openers in their car if parked outside. This gives easy entry to the house.

  • If items are easily visible from the outside, back windows of cars and SUVs can be broken out.

Mr. Mailbox

If you need repair to your mailbox, we suggest calling Mr. Mailbox (918) 698-1504.

Neighborhood Notices

  • Did you know...............that the mantles for our gas lamps are available free of charge from Oklahoma Natural Gas Company? You can call ONG at 800 664-5463 or contact them online to have them mailed to you. You can also call ONG to have a technician come out to replace the mantles up to 2 times per year. Check your particular gas lamp for the type of mantle, but most are the "inverted" type. Changing the mantles is very easy -- just turn off the gas supply, wait for the glass and the mantles to cool, then slide up and remove one or more panes of glass, twist the mantle a quarter turn and pull off. To replace the mantle, be extremely careful as they are very fragile (do not touch the fabric-like material) and slip the mantle on over the post and twist the mantle a quarter turn. Light the mantle with a match BEFORE TURNING THE GAS BACK ON, then turn the gas on slowly. Replace the panes of glass and Voila -- you're all set! If your glass has become cloudy, it cleans right up with a product called C-L-R.

  • Financial statements for the HOA are available as of the last audit. Please contact one of the board members if you would like a copy.

  • We are looking for neighbors willing to help plan social activities for the neighborhood. Please contact one of our board members if you are interested.

  • Please be considerate of your neighbors when walking your dog and clean up after them if they relieve themselves in someone else's yard.

  • FYI: The distance around the pond in Crescent Park is exactly 2507 feet or 0.474 miles (Thanks Tracy Murdock).