What is the structure of The Crescent Homeowners Association?

The Crescent Homeowners Association is a non-profit corporation created for the benefit of all lot owners in Crescent Court and Crescent Ridge.  Our homeowners association is under the guidance of the Board of Directors which consists of the President, Treasurer, and Secretary.  The governing documents of The Association consist of the Deed of Dedication, which contains all restrictive covenants and is attached to each lot in both additions of The Crescent, the By Laws, and the Articles of Incorporation.  The Board is elected by the members at the Annual Meeting each year.  A lot owner in either of the two additions becomes a member of The Crescent Homeowners Association by paying mandatory annual dues as assessed by the association.

Are there covenants in this neighborhood?  Are they mandatory?

Yes and Yes.  Click here to view all the covenants.  (Must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to view this file - if you don't have that, click here to download it for free).

I'm a resident of The Crescent - how do I report a violation of our covenants?

Just email our President with all the pertinent facts and sign it with your name, home address, and phone number.

How will the Homeowners Association enforce our covenants?

Once it's verified that a covenant violation has occurred (or is occurring), the President will send a letter to the responsible party and ask for their cooperation in abating the violation.  The Association will handle all dealings with the responsible party(ies) and seek a satisfactory resolution of the problem.

How much are the annual dues?  Are they mandatory?

Currently the annual dues in The Crescent are $190.00 per lot.  The amount of the dues is set by the Board of Directors at the annual meeting each year.  Dues are on a calendar year basis and are due on January 1st of each year.  The dues for each lot owner in The Crescent are mandatory per the governing documents.

Do I have to pay a full year of dues if I move in after the first of the year?

If you move in to The Crescent (or sell your home in The Crescent) during the year, your dues will be prorated between buyer and seller by the real estate closing company at the time you close on the purchase/sale of your residence (or lot).  You will only pay dues for the time period you owned the lot in the year you purchase/sell your lot in The Crescent.  It is the Treasurer's responsibility to collect dues from each lot owner of record as of January 1st each year; it is the responsibility of the closing company to prorate those dues at the time of closing.

May I pay dues on a monthly basis?

No.  At the first meeting of The Crescent Homeowners Association on January 31, 2002, the members voted to collect dues annually.  There are no provisions for monthly or quarterly collection, nor are partial payments accepted.

What are the dues used for?

The dues are necessary for the upkeep, mowing, landscaping, and maintenance of the common area off the Sheridan entrance, the three entryways, and the rights-of-way along both Sheridan Road and 81st Street in addition to operating expenses of the Association itself.  Complete financial reports of the Association are available for review by any member at each of the regular meetings of the Association or at any other time by special request.  In addition, an outside CPA firm audits the books of the Association at the end of each calendar year.  The results of that audit are available for review by any Association member and may be obtained by contacting our Treasurer.

I'm new to Tulsa, how do I get utilities transferred into my name?

Please visit our Links section for links to all utility providers and other information about the City of Tulsa.

When are the meetings of the Homeowners Association?

Currently the Association meets on a quarterly basis.  The time and place of the next meeting will be kept current on the home page of this web site, so check there for the next meeting date.